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Protecting privacy in the AI-driven world of work


Data: 8 Giugno 2021, ore 10:30

Scadenza iscrizioni: 7 Giugno 2021, ore 16:00

Seminar organized by Ph.D Programme in Labour, Development and Innovation Unimore – Marco Biagi Foundation

Economics Department Marco Biagi, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia – Marco Biagi Foundation

Institute of Social Security Law and Social Policy, University of Lodz

The ever-evolving Information Society – within which information became ‘the world’s most valuable resource’, along with the generally accessible information and communication technologies – resulted in the widespread availability of vast amounts of increasingly complex data (Big Data).

The presence of the latter in the contemporary world of work makes ‘the use of predictive data mining to establish recurrent patterns or ‘profiles’ (People Analytics) an essential part of not only contemporary business strategy, but also organization and management structures.
Did workforce analytics generate new problems for privacy rights protection in employment, or did it merely make more salient the problems we already had? To what extent can the existing legal concepts and normative framework adequately capture the challenges posed by the increasing use of algorithms in the employment context?

The seminar will be devoted to examination of these concerns from the perspective of the multilevel system of protection of privacy in Europe, while particular attention will be paid to the General Data Protection Regulation, which as the first legal act of general applicability within the EU, introduces legal definition of profiling and provides for the general standards and safeguards directed at mitigating some of the human rights risks associated with it.

The seminar is open to E4E PhD students, scholars and postdoctoral fellows and will be held in English.

Participation is free, upon registration.
An e-mail with the login link will follow. Access to the Big Blue Botton platform must be carried out with the references of name and surname indicated during registration.

Further information: +39 059 205 6092 | phd_lavorosviluppoinnovazione@unimore.it

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