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The Notion of employer in Modern Labour Law

It is now on-line the issue 1/2020 of the Italian Labour Law e-Journal, with the editorial of the University of Bologna, in collaboration with the Marco Biagi Foundation (Modena)

Table of Contents

The regulation of the notion of employer in an overregulated framework: the case of the Chilean labour law
Pablo Arellano Ortiz

The Identity of the ‘Employer’ in Australian Labour Law: Moving Beyond the Unitary Conception of the Employer
Anthony Forsyth

The identification of the employer in the context of organisational fragmentation: the Italian legal framework
Domenico Garofalo

Joint Employment in the United States
Jeffrey M. Hirsch

Who counts as an employer in Sweden?
Annamaria Westregård

Covid-19 and Self-employment: emergency measures and unsolved challenges
Leonardo Battista

Early Retirement in the Italian Social Security System: Some Critical Insights
Davide Casale

The (non/)response of trade unions to the “gig” challenge
Michael Doherty, Valentina Franca

Covid-19 and Labour Law Measures in Spain: Emergency Rules to deal with a Health, Economic and Employment Crisis
Joaquín García Murcia, Iván Rodríguez Cardo, Diego Álvarez Alonso

The ILO Response to Covid-19: ILO and International Labour Standards in Times of a Pandemic
Niklas Selberg

Book Review
Research Handbook on Labour, Business and Human Rights Law
Emanuele Menegatti

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