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Career prospects and Objectives

Career prospects

Doctoral research graduates may pursue career opportunities by engaging in research in public or private research institutions at national or international level, or as experts in public or private bodies that are in need of skills relating to the design and impact of labour policies and labour market practices. The public research institutions where they can pursue a career include those in the academic community, as a natural progression from the doctoral research programme.


Graduates from the programme may also pursue opportunities in public or private training and research institutions, and as employees or external consultants for medium-sized and large companies, dealing with legal issues concerning the organisation of human resources and productive processes.


Further career openings are to be found in trade unions and employers’ associations, or public bodies, playing a managerial role in collective bargaining, trade union relations, the administration of collective agreements, the management of industrial disputes and dispute resolution procedures.


Graduates may also find employment in the management or planning of staff leasing companies or public or private bodies providing employment services of various kinds, or in planning organisational and commercial strategies.



The course aims to provide an interdisciplinary conceptual and methodological framework to investigate the world of work, in qualitative and quantitative terms, in a legal, social and economic perspective, and to intervene at the micro, meso and macro level.


The aim is to select and train young researchers by means of an interdisciplinary and comparative approach strongly oriented to the practical application of the results and, therefore, connected with the productive and social realities not only at local level but also national and international levels. These young researchers may operate, starting from internships during the PhD course, in Italian and foreign companies, international organisations, institutions, associations and trade unions (also in higher apprenticeships).