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Call for papers – 20th International Conference in Commemoration of Professor Marco Biagi

The 20th International Conference in commemoration of Prof MarcoBiagi will be entitled The Green Transition and the Quality of Work: Linkages, Implications and Perspectives and will take place on March 16-17, 2023.

In order to move the discussion forward, encourage the exchange of views, and promote an interdisciplinary debate on the key issues related to the impact of the post-pandemic recovery strategies on the world of work, the conference invites contributions from the international scholarly community on one or more of the following main topics/tracks:

  • Track 1: Firms’ environmental transition and its effects on the labour market
  • Track 2: Regulatory strategies and players of environmental and employment policies
  • Track 3: The role of the firm in environmental policies: promotion and accountability

Papers and panel proposals can be submitted by November 18, 2022, to the e-mail address: marcobiagiconference@unimore.it.