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Dottorandi e Tutor

Mihaela Andrea Chelaru

Foto di Mihaela Andrea Chelaru
Cognome:   Chelaru
Nome:   Mihaela Andrea
Email:   mihaela.chelaru@unimore.it
Ciclo:   XXXV
Settore disciplinare:   Economia e gestione delle imprese
Borsa di studio:  
Tutor:   Giovanni Solinas

Progetto di ricerca

Industry 4.0 and the future of work, of organizations and job market

Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, at least one new job has been created for every job lost to a machine, and the average standard of living has increased dramatically. Nowadays, however, the majority of young people all over the world feel uncertain about the future of work, although they seem to be comfortable with technological changes.
The main aim of this research is to analyze how Artificial Intelligence, automation and digitalization will change the future of work, of organizations and of the job market. A secondary objective is to understand how machine learning and robotics will impact the line of work, e.g. in manufacturing and in the service sector, and the way in which skills, jobs and wages will be affected, with a particular focus on the relationship between job loss and new wealth.