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Marco Ranuzzini

Foto di Marco Ranuzzini
Cognome:   Ranuzzini
Nome:   Marco
Email:   marco.ranuzzini@unimore.it
Ciclo:   XXXI
Settore disciplinare:   Valutazione delle politiche pubbliche
Borsa di studio:  
Tutor:   Massimo Baldini

Progetto di ricerca

Three essays on changing local policies

The thesis analyses changes which occurred to local policies in Italy in recent years. Two chapters focus upon program evaluation, and one chapter focuses upon local governments. The common trait of the projects analysed in the first two chapters is the creation of mixed networks between public and non-profit sector in the design and provision of anti-poverty measures. The idea of the first and second chapter is to provide an assessment of the effectiveness of these social innovative
programs in creating benefits to their beneficiaries. The analysis relies on impact assessment tools. The last chapter extends the analysis to local governments. It deals with the development of a particular form of inter-municipal cooperation (IMC) between Italian municipalities which had increasing importance in recent years, the association of municipalities (Unioni di Comuni). It is conceived as an instrument which represents a solution adopted at sub-national level to jointly provide local public services in a way which aims to be resilient and sustainable. Indeed, in the last chapter, the purpose is to group these institutions into clusters and analyse some institutional features: the focus is on Emilia-Romagna, the Italian region where they are more developed.