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Ksenia Myasnykh

Foto di Ksenia Myasnykh
Cognome:   Myasnykh
Nome:   Ksenia
Email:   ksenia.myasnykh@unimore.it
Ciclo:   XXXI
Settore disciplinare:  
Borsa di studio:  
Tutor:   Donatella Malavasi

Progetto di ricerca

Glossary of transnational Labour Relations through comparative analysis and multidisciplinary approach

The present project studies and analyses the use of terminology in the Labour Law and Industrial Relations in different cultures. The attention of the study will be focused on how differently the same concepts are interpreted in different legal systems. Having studied the phenomenon I will try to create a common field for interpreting the most important terminology. Such an innovative instrument will be useful for the actors (companies, trade unions, etc) that operate in the field of trans-national labour relationships.

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