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Fabio Demaria

Foto di Fabio Demaria
Cognome:   Demaria
Nome:   Fabio
Email:   fabio.demaria@unimore.it
Ciclo:   XXXVI
Settore disciplinare:   SECS-S/03 STATISTICA ECONOMICA
Borsa di studio:  

Progetto di ricerca

Modern statistical learning techniques for high dimensional datasets: implications for digital transformation and innovation

The advent of modern technologies has strongly contributed to the beginning of the information age, bringing large amounts of data that entail new statistical-related challenges that need to be addressed. Conventional statistical and econometric techniques like linear models often work well, but vast datasets require more powerful data manipulation tools like statistical learning techniques in the field of data mining.
This research aims at exploring such methods and compare them with classical statistical models in order to evaluate their performance in high dimensional datasets of different application.
Those models will be implemented with the aid of statistical packages to answer new questions related to digital transformation and innovation.

Interessi di ricerca e pubblicazioni



Vacchi, M., Siligardi, C., Demaria, F., Cedillo-González, E., González-Sánchez, R., & Settembre-Blundo, D. (2021). Technological Sustainability or Sustainable Technology? A Multidimensional Vision of Sustainability in Manufacturing. Sustainability, 13(17), 9942. doi: 10.3390/su13179942