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Daniela Pennetta

Foto di Daniela Pennetta
Cognome:   Pennetta
Nome:   Daniela
Email:   daniela.pennetta@unimore.it
Ciclo:   XXXIV
Settore disciplinare:   Economia degli intermediari finanziari e finanza aziendale
Borsa di studio:  

Progetto di ricerca

Bank-FinTech relationship: Open Banking, performance and sustainability profiles for SMEs and individuals

Abstract del progetto: Over the last decade, the financial services industry is undergoing a process of dramatic transformation, attributable to deep economic, technological, regulatory and market changes, which call for revisions to traditional banking management – both in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Financial intermediaries have always been at the forefront in the digitalization of products and processes. However, in recent years, new players have entered the market for financial services thanks to their better ability and speed of introducing technological innovation, i.e. FinTech firms – especially post the Global Financial Crisis. Against this backdrop of a more dynamic and competitive environment, banks are trying to rethink their innovation and growth strategy in order to enhance long-term value creation, that may also include collaborations with FinTech firms. Bank-FinTech relationship is the unit of analysis of this research project, that will be analysed in three different perspective: banks’ perspective, with particular attention to their inclination to partner actively with FinTech firms in Open Banking ecosystems, FinTech firms’ perspective, by studying the effects that relationships with traditional financial institution can have on their performance, and, finally, customers’ perspective, understanding how the entrance of FinTech firms in financial services market can contribute to the sustainability of their profiles through the access to new and innovative products and services.

Interessi di ricerca e pubblicazioni



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