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International conference in commemoration of Prof. Marco Biagi

International conference in commemoration of Prof. Marco Biagi

Thirteenth International Conference in Commemoration of Professor Marco Biagi

Modena, Marco Biagi Auditorium, 19-20 March 2015

The Conference aims to provide a forum bringing together insights from law, economics, organisational theory and sociology, to carry out an analysis of the impact of the transformation of the enterprise on labour relations, casting light on the basis of empirical observation, and evaluating in a comparative perspective the problems arising and solutions adopted, while identifying prevailing trends and the most effective regulatory .

Contributions addressing the following topics in the national or comparative perspective will be welcome:

1. Organisational structure of the enterprise and the fragmentation of the employer’s role and responsibilities.
2. Employment relations in ‘special’ enterprises.
3. Small and medium-sized enterprises in a global context: relations, interests, protection.
4. Collective solidarity and the representation of interests in the context of recent developments in regulatory provisions and the dematerialisation of the enterprise.

A Young Scholars’ Workshop in Labour Relations will be held on the afternoon of 18 March 2015, to provide a forum for young scholars (PhD candidates and post- doctoral researchers) in the legal, economic and organisation fields who have chosen labour relations as their main research topic. The aim is to favour the integration of young scholars from various countries and with different academic backgrounds into the international research community.


  • Thirteenth International Conference in Commemoration of Prof. Marco Biagi (download call and form)
  • Fourth Young Scholars' Workshop in Labour Relations (download call)

For the information about the presentation of the papers, please contact:
Dr. Iacopo Senatori , iacopo.senatori@unimore.it


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